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Cook and learn is a two-day event.

The first day takes place with us and allows you to prepare your grammatical and vocabulary skills necessary for the following day, playing fun activities where everyone can participate.

The second day, we will be buying the ingredients at a typical Parisian food market to live a full experience, and finally we will be cooking our meal together.

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For the visit of the Parisian market, we will be directly meeting up at 9 a.m. in Paris on the second day. We will be focusing on markets with the most organic products.

We will be forming 2 or 3 groups of two people and each group will have the exact same shopping list and will be provided with the same amount of money. Each team will have to organize themselves in order to gather all the ingredients necessary to prepare the dish.

Most commonly visited food market are: Aligre, Maubert, marché des enfants rouges and marché des Batignolles.

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The students will be allowed to chose between two different menus for each session.

The menus are elaborated in accordance with the seasonal calendar for fruits and vegetables.

The dishes are typical French dishes. The students will learn French gastronomy such as “l’aumonière de saumon”, ”le poulet basquaise”, “le gratin dauphinois”, “le coq au vin”, “la crème brûlée”, “les macarons”, “les crêpes Suzette”, …

Once every quarter of the year, will take place a wine and cheese tasting.

We offer as well vegetarian and vegan menus.

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Cook and Learn allows to master the culinary vocabulary, but it is also an opportunity to develop a lot of grammatical points.

The students will also learn some cooking techniques and will have to elaborate a decoration to present their dish or plate.

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