The French way of life


The French courses will take place in a house with a garden, hosted by French. The students will discover the French way of living and the courses will be based on French cultural activities such as cookinggames and discovering Paris.

Rhythm in French daily life

FFL courses (French foreign language) will take place from 10 a.m. till 3 p.m.

This time will include meals that will help people to know more about each other, communicate and therefore have a better understanding of the typical French day. We will be enjoying together the “café-croissant” in the morning and following the course we will then have a French typical lunch that will include starters, main plate, dessert and a cup of coffee (all product are organic).

The participants will be discovering overall the French manners.

“Knowledge of the French culture and language is the key for a successful integration of the expatriates. It helps them meet French people later on.”