« Absolutely French » launches « Absolutely Talented » :

To promote expat partners as Talents to recruiters !

Absolutely Talented Station F 17 mars


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Our locations: two wonderful places to feel at home for a total cultural immersion: 2 Haussmann apartments located in the 17th district of Paris. Participants are divided into small groups of 2 to 6 persons maximum that  contributes to a fast development of their speaking skills, more interaction opportunities and of course building up their network. A friendly environment to encourage the progress of each one, where benevolence is above all.

A learning process that is made by “learning by doing” such as games and real-life situations to improve expat partners’s integration, completed with a Elearning plateform easy to use. Immersive day-time courses and opportunities to gather together and enjoy a lovely meal the French way.The Absolutely Club helps you meet people, create long-term social ties and practice your French. 

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Absolutely French improves the integration of the impatriates’ partner in Paris, to encourage double careers within the expatriates couples. The aim: we want the impatriates to feel happy and independent in France.

The integration is made through the learning process of the French language (courses and practice), knowledge of French culture (French cuisine and discovery of Paris) and adaptation of the French environment (different administrative services and procedures, key places…). It is also made by the development of a new social network, that has been possible thanks to our Absolutely French Club. And last but not least, by building a project (find a job…), which we  prepare and guide them.

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Roshni, conjointe d’expatrié de L’Oréal

I was excited but nervous at first (using only French!), but it turned out really enjoyable with the right mix of people. Geraldine was very patient and expressive which helped in our understanding, and she was approachable which made us feel at ease in her class. And I made huge progress!!

Alison, conjointe d’expatrié de Total

We learned some cultural things about France and especially the different regions. It was nice that François was from France and could share some things the French do and don’t do, and I’m sure he enjoyed learning about our countries too. I also really appreciated the concept of see/hear/ touch and learn. It’s very visual and it allows to retain the information better and longer.

Ariel, conjoint d’expatrié de Total

10 points ! Je me sentais très bien, tout le monde a réussi à me mettre à l'aise, même en parlant en français. Oui, je suis très content. Je pense que cela m'a aidé à mieux comprendre la langue parlée et m'a donné des outils de base pour la vie quotidienne. Oui, bien sûr, je le recommanderais. Je trouve la méthodologie «immersion» fabuleuse, la façon dont les concepts et les sons entrent en jeu est excellente

Ewa, conjointe d’expatrié de L’Oréal

Knowledgeable, professional, patient, friendly and kind. Knows how to engage students. Very good teaching techniques, paid attention to students pronunciation which was very important to me. Always willing to answer our questions and give is tips about life in Paris. Positive, encouraging us to take part in all tasks and exercises. Produced very useful summaries of lessons on the Slack.

Marko, conjoint d’expatrié de L’Oréal

I loved being part of Absolutely French. I loved the atmosphere of each of the classes, it was educational but informal which I think is the right balance. We really had a lot of fun in all of our lessons. I may have been lucky (but I don't think), I had a great group with an even better teacher.


Alessandra, conjointe d’expatrié de Total

My integration was excellent, thanks to the teacher but also to the rest of the group. I felt welcome and the atmosphere was always very friendly. The reason I believe stays in the outgoing attitude of the participants, that share the same difficulties and pleasures of being expats in France, looking for new friends but also for practical tips, suggestions, recommendations on how to navigate in a new culture and environment. Participants offer the same curiosity and often live the same experiences - for example in my group all of the participants were looking for a job in France and this was a common topic that united us even more.


Sophie, expat partner L’Oréal

It was an amazing and interesting class. The teacher used lots of different methods (games, cook...) to teach us. That was very helpful and useful! Further, the teacher is very experienced and patient. I made a huge progress. Absolutely happy with the level I’ve reached! This class also taught us all important things for our daily life. Now I am able to communicate in French with SNCF staff, post office staff, delivery man... and I understand how it works here. Absolutely French is not only effective, it is also very useful for expatriates!

Mariana conjointe expatrié

Mariana, conjointe d’expatrié de L’Oréal

"The whole process is interesting. The teacher is great in making us feel comfortable, the ambience is comfortable, the size of the group perfect. Ophélie is a sweetheart, making us feel at home.  :slightly_smiling_face: The learning method is really interesting. It’s not my first language course, but it’s by far the one I liked the most. It feels more effortlessly, but at the same time, seems more effective. And a lot less stressful so far! "

temoignage conjointe expatrie

Dawn, conjointe d’expatrié Total

"Absolutely French is more than just a language school. It is a community! One that engages people with common interest together! »

Joanna, conjointe d’expatrié Air Liquide

I am really happy to have the opportunity to participate in this course. Absolutely French is not only the language school, but it is a team of friendly and helpful people who are always available to support us. School is very well organized, with interesting program, very effective communication platform and really helpful stuff. Armelle is making sure that we feel comfortable, she is always available and she takes care of all details. 

Gathering together expats partners gives us opportunity to share our thoughts, support each other, make friends and have good time together.

It is great to have the opportunity to participate in Absolutely French community. I can recommend this school to all expats' partners.

Binghao, conjoint d’expatriée Air Liquide

" Merci beaucoup pour votre aide. Je suis très honoré de vous rencontrer, vous et votre équipe. Vous êtes la meilleure équipe d’enseignement du français que je connaisse et vos méthodes d’apprentissage sont très intéressantes et efficaces. Merci ! "

Jian Xiong

"Your French language learning program is terrific.  It is based on the needs of daily life and understanding of French culture. I enjoyed it and benefited from it. I am very happy and will promote the Absolutely French program. I started from zero, the 10-days effective training builds a solid foundation to continue my study. It is hard express my progresses in short words.Thank you so much for this French immersion"

Gozde, conjointe d’expatrié Renault

"Absolutely French n'est pas qu'une école de français : c'est un tout pour être bien à Paris. J'ai adoré les cours avec Emilie, et les balades instructives. Je comprends mieux les français et leur histoire, et j'ai beaucoup aimé le fait de faire pour apprendre. Très bonne méthode! Merci beaucoup à toutes!"  


"I wholeheartedly assert that Absolutely French is the nonpareil of french language classes procurable in France. I’ve been living in Paris for almost 3 years with little to no adeptness in French. The program has taken me from an elementary "bonjour, bonsoir, merci" level to being capable to have a full on conversation in French!!! This program helps you learn with a wide variety of activities, completely eliminating the formality facet. I literally never had that taxing insipid feeling of a teacher trying to insert information into my brain. Classes felt more like hanging out, talking, cooking, playing games, and going on walks. I have so much fun in class, time flies without me even realizing I'm learning French!"


I love this school. They use an easy way to learn French, with lots of games, you discover Paris, and meet other expats! Thanks


Enfin une école adaptée aux expats, avec des cours originaux et de qualité.


Les cours ont été une merveilleuse occasion d’apprendre le français, et de le pratiquer dans des situations concrètes. J’ai adoré les cours de cuisine ! J’ai pu réutiliser les parcours de jeux de pistes que nous avons fait pour montrer à mes amies.

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