How to find a Babysitter at night in Paris

How to find a Babysitter at night in Paris

expat who has just moved to Paris, you’re looking for an occasional babysitter or a family needing to find regular bilingual childcare during the day or at night,
then this post about babysitting in Paris is exactly what you need!


Here are the 3 best ways to find a babysitter quickly and easily :

By an agency

The + : They managed everything (administration, post, offer, recruitment…)

The – : Much more expansive than doing it on your own through specialized websites

Some babysitting agencies in Paris :

Speaking Agency

Home-based childcare in a foreign language



Hand-picked Babysitter, which also proposes some extra services. Such as cleaner, gardener…



Family Sphere



La compagnie des familles



Kids Paradis


How to find a babysitter in Paris

By finding a babysitter on your own, through specialized websites


The + : This childcare service is the most popular because of the flexibility of the schedule and the price.

Moreover, the babysitter is totally dedicated to your child and less expensive than an agency.

You can decide if the babysitter will :

– pick up your child after school

– bring your child back home

– prepare snacks, dinner, a bath and help around the house

– the price is generally more than minimum wage and can change depending on the area and babysitter.

In Paris it’s around 8 to 10€ per hour.

– can be bilingual, since it’s increasingly popular in Paris to have a bilingual babysitter.

The – : They don’t have any certifications. Posting the offer and recruitment are totally on your own and you’ll have to do the administrative points.

Our favorite websites:


Nounou au top

For your information

1. The minimal legal salary in France is 8,35/hour (10% paid holidays included).
Then, there is 80% charges left that you’ll need to pay.

2. You need to be declared at CESU :

3. If you pay your taxes in France, 50% of the total amount is deductible.

What you need to declare Babysitters :

– Social security number

– Place of birth

– Date of birth

how to find a babysitter in Paris

By relationships (friends, neighbours…)

The + : More efficient, trustful and you know the babysitter

The – : If the babysitter works in several families, he/she could be less available.
However, he/she may know another trustful person (student/babysitter) available.


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