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Learning a new language is an asset for your career and a precious tool for your integration in France.

With Absolutely French, you will not only learn French but also live new adventures, dive into French culture and enjoy the French way of live!

We know that as an expat partner, your are different so you need something different!

Because your time is counted in France, and that you need to learn quickly to integrate easily!

Watch our video, to know more about our innovative way to teach you French!

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Because integration is the most important thing when you move to a new country,

Absolutely French is also a community of expats and expat partners that will help you to feel at home.

With The Club Absolutely, you will developp your network in France,

make friends that are experiencing a similar situation, share tips and meet French people too!

We organize evenings once a month just for you, with different activities.

All our learners and their partner are part of our Club.

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Take the opportunity of being in France to start what you’ve always dreamed of!

As an expat spouse, this expatriation is a different moment for you, may be a time to think about your career, your project, someting you wanted to do, but neither had the time to do!

We help you to think about it, and to plan what you could start during this time : write a book, launch a company, start a training, take care of your kids (it’s also a choice), be a volunteer,  find a part-time job…

Expatriation must also be an opportunity for you!