The Team Absolutely

The Absolutely Team


The Team Absolutely brings together people recruited for their values: kindness, listening and creativity.  

Our work?


We train spouses of expatriates in French,

because language is the primary tool for integrating and understanding the culture of a new country.

The complete French learning program,

via the Absolutely method,

was built around a goal: 

integrate the expat partners and build with them their expatriation project (professional or personal).  


equipe Absolutely

Absolutely French: French school?

Moreover! Integration Center  


Absolutely French opens doors to discover the history of France and the French.

The Absolutely Team teaches French using an innovative way through (actional method) the use of games

(all kinds of games: theater, board, roles, cards, magnets …)

through French culture and

real-life situations.

We have tours in Paris to better understand the important places they neet to adapt quickly, cooking lessons …

These little group (3 to 6 only) French lessons are there to encourage speaking and speaking as quickly as possible.

These training courses are supplemented by an E-learning platform to deal in depth with reading and writing.

And Absolutely French is much more than a school,

it is an integration center!

With a community of old and new Absolutes (= happy learners of Absolutely French)

who help each other via an internal social network and meet at Absolutely evenings.    


From Absolutely French to Absolutely Talented  


And to go even further, and promote the magnificent talents that are in our training,

the Team Absolutely launches Absolutely Talented :

an event for meetings between Talent Managers and expatriate spouses,

because they are International Talents with the soft skills of tomorrow.

Come and meet us, meet them:

Tuesday November 17th, 2020 at Station F, Paris!

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Rejoignez notre jeune équipe et devenez l’un de nos experts. Travaillez dans un environnement de type AGILE.

Absolutely French est une entreprise responsable, son but : l’intégration des étrangers arrivant en France par le français, laculture et le Club « Absolutely French ».

Travailler en har­mo­nie avec l’envi­ron­ne­ment est chez nous une convic­tion pro­fonde.

Ceci se reflète aussi dans l’orga­ni­sa­tion d’Absolutely French.

Nous utilisons uniquement du papier recyclé que ce soit pour nos supports de cours ou nos plaquettes publicitaires.