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Absolutely French’s blog :

A blog about expatriation to help you


You will find here all articles of our blog, classified by category according to your needs,

this blog about expatriation help you in France or anywhere.


Expatriate spouses experiences : about their adventures in France or abroad, because their experience can be useful to you during your expatriation.

The French culture, on the rules of good manners, but also the number of kisses, the parties in France, the 15 movies to see…

Parisian lifestyle includes : interviews with service creators we have met and we have liked!

As well as places to know (unusual cinemas, the best bakeries…), essential applications in Paris and much more!

Armelle’s articles : the articles of our founder, an expatriate spouse, who defends the place of the spouse in expatriation,

with an innovative vision on learning French related to the needs of expatriate spouses. To read!

Administrative assistance : because administration is a French word, and even French people need help to understand how it works!

Talents of the month : discover the spouses of impatriates we met and who inspired us by their history! Congratulations for these realized opportunities

Our Absolutes stories : the Absolutes are the learners of Absolutely French. They tell here about their expatriation, their vision of Paris, of France, their desires, their best plans in Paris…

And finally : the French language because Absolutely French is the first French school dedicated to the spouses of impatriates.

We have a lot of good advice to learn well: books to have, vocabulary…


If you also wish to testify about your expatriation here or elsewhere ;

to participate to this blog about expatriation to help other expats

about a difficulty encountered during this expatriation (job, procedures, family, mourning, children, teenagers…) ;

If you wish to write an article for our blog ;

If you know an interesting expatriate spouse that we could meet for an article ;

If you would like to talk about your services, what can help expatriates here in Paris ;

Do not hesitate to contact us by email: contact@absolutely-french.eu

To go further, we’ve launched Absolutely Talented!

A big event to promote expat partners to recruiters, because they are talented with very interesting soft skills!

You are a company? Come and recruit : Tuesday 6th October 2020, at Station F and meet amazing international talents.

You are an expat partners? Come and meet companies that recruit International Talents in Paris!

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