Deep Dive into French language and culture and become Absolutely French

Learn French Differently!

Our 3 methods for teaching expatriate spouses French!

“Play and Learn”

“Stroll and Learn”

“Cook and Learn”

We provide French language training for spouses of expats, using an innovative, fun and highly effective method.

You’ll be able to speak French very quickly and be much more independent in your everyday life thanks to our training designed specifically for you.

Learning a new language is an asset for your career and an invaluable tool for your integration in France. Discover our immersive and fun courses designed to make you autonomous throughout your expatriation. Learn through play and practice, thanks to our unique method.

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former les conjoints d'expatriés au français

Discover French culture while learning French!

Our teachers will not only teach you French, but also help you discover Paris, its history and French culture!

Our French course is practical and effective for learning to speak French quickly.

You’ll love following in the footsteps of the artists of Montmartre and talking to French people about their history,

Discover hidden places in Paris!

Paris will no longer hold any secrets for you!

And you’ll find the French much nicer, once you understand how they ‘work’! 😃

former les conjoints d'expatriés au français

“Stroll and Learn” in Paris

French language training for spouses of expats

former les conjoints d'impatriés au français

“Cook and Learn” French

Meet new people!

Learn French and meet new people: small group classes (4 to 7 people) give everyone a chance to speak, and create real bonds between learners!

Develop your network in France and make friends who are going through the same thing thanks to the Absolutely Club. You’ll be able to save time by benefiting from the experience of people who have faced the same issues as you.

Your training offers you membership of the Absolutely Club for you and your partner!

A great way to meet new people. 🥂

Every month, we organise various activities enabling you to meet other expats from all over the world, looking like you to develop their professional but also personal network.

Find out more about the monthly programme here

former les conjoints d'expatriés au français

“Play and Learn” French

Learn French and make your goals a reality

Take advantage of this opportunity to be in France to do what you’ve always dreamed of doing. Why not write a book, get involved in voluntary work or find a job in a new sector?

We’ve created Absolutely Talented specifically to help you meet recruiters interested in your profile.

Our Absolus have found work thanks to us, developed new skills, gained confidence and, above all, met people like themselves who have become friends!

So join us!

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