Club Absolutely

Absolutely French Wine with Preston image

Once a month, Absolutely French organises its Absolutely Soirée,

where all learners (and former learners) and their spouses get together.

The theme of the evenings varies according to the number of participants and their wishes, such as a picnic on the banks of the Canal Saint-Martin, evening sessions at museums, theatre trips (in French of course!), restaurants, etc…

In addition to the courses given during the day, expats are therefore able to converse in French with other expats, even if their level may be different.

Soirée Absolutely French bar à vin

The aim of the Club Absolutely is also to meet French people, most of whom have already experienced expatriation.

We send out a weekly newsletter to our club members, which includes suggestions for activities and outings in Paris.

They can sign up for these activities online or directly from their intranet access.