Attract and Retain International Talents

Ensure Successful International Assignments

Offer your expatriates and their spouses a high-quality service to help them integrate into their new environment, thanks to French language training tailored to their needs.

French lessons are given in one of our two Haussmann-style apartments by a French teacher. Participants will discover the French way of life. Our courses are based on cultural activities such as cooking, games and walks around Paris.

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Save time for your expatriates and their spouses

Our expertise enables you to improve your French skills through real-life situations (going to the post office, the town hall, etc.), while familiarising yourself with French culture.

The courses we offer have been designed to meet the needs of companies. For example, the training for impatriates has been developed in partnership with Air Liquide, while the training for spouses of impatriates has been developed in partnership with L’Oréal.

Empowered and fulfilled spouses save time for your team.

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Encourage dual careers for expatriate couples

We launched Absolutely Talented to help expatriate spouses regain their talent status, and to support them as they face new professional challenges.

Because this moment can also be an opportunity for the spouse, if he/she is well supported. Expatriation is a chance to discover a new country and a new culture.

To suit all needs, we offer two formulas, both for beginners and intermediates.
The FLE (French as a Foreign Language) courses take place from 10am to 3pm or from 6pm to 8pm/9pm on weekdays.

During these 5 hours, participants play games and take part in activities that encourage communication and speaking.

This training time includes a coffee break at the beginning of the course, as well as a typical French lunch which encourages discussion and discovery of a typical day in France. The lunch includes a starter, a main course, a dessert and a hot drink (all products served are organic).
What’s more, participants will also discover French manners.

Cook & Learn - Absolutely French : intégration des impatriés et conjoints pour favoriser la double carrière

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Armelle Perben

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