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Les talents du mois

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About Absolutely French’s Blog

Here you will find articles from our blog, categorized according to your needs. All articles are designed to help you during your expatriation to France, Paris or elsewhere:

Les témoignages de conjoints d’expatriés : Testimonies from previous Absolus about their adventures in France or abroad, because their experience can be useful to you during your expatriation.

La culture française: Get familiar with French customs like ‘La Bise’, celebrations in France or 15 French films to see!

La vie parisienne: includes interviews with the service creators we’ve met and who’ve given us the most! As well as places to visit (unusual cinemas, the best bakeries, etc.), must-have applications in Paris and much more!

Les articles de notre fondatrice: Having been an expat spouse, read Absolutely French’s founder’s insights on defending the role of partners in exaptriation

L’aide administrative : because administration is a French word, and even the French need help to understand how it works!

Les talents du mois : find out more about the spouses of impatriates we’ve met and who have inspired us with their experiences! Congratulations on their journeys!

Nos Absolus racontent : The ‘Absolus’ are our students. Here they talk about their expatriation, their vision of Paris, of France, their desires, their best plans in Paris…

Le français :  Absolutely French is the first French language school dedicated to the spouses of expatriates. We have lots of good advice on how to learn well: books to have, vocabulary…

We are also happy to give you the opportunity to write about your expatriation experience (job, procedures, family, bereavement, children, teenagers…);

If you would like to write an article for our blog;

If you know an exemplary expatriate spouse whom we could meet for an article;

If you’d like us to talk about your services and how they can help expats here in Paris;

Don’t hesitate to get in touch at:  contact@absolutely-french.eu

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