Justificatif de domicile : What is it ?

Literally, a “justificatif de domicile” is a proof of address/residence.
In order to open a bank account in France, or any other account under your name (phone, gym, etc..). You will need to provide a « justificatif de domicile », to prove that you live in France or in Paris.


How to get it ?

Depending on your situation, and your type of housing, the kind of « justificatif de domicile » you will be able to provide can be different.



The first documents that you will be able to use as « justificatif de domicile » are your lease (« contrat de bail »), or your « quittance de loyer », that you get after your first month’s rent.

Justificatif de domicile


Therefore, ask your owner for an « attestation d’hébergement » that can serve as your proof of residence until you get other accounts set up.


Justificatif de domicile

If the lease and quittance are handwritten documents completed on forms printed off from the internet, these documents alone may not be accepted by a bank. In this case, you will just have to ask an « attestation d’hébergement » from your owner, before you can get other documents that can be used as « justificatif de domicile ».

Once you’ve settled in your appartement, there will be many different type of documents that you will be able to use as « justificatif de domicile ».


Justificatif de domicile : Other types

Once you’ve settled in your appartement, your next steps will be to open a bank account. Buy insurance, and set up any utilities you may need to put in your name.

There will be many different type of documents that you will be able to use as « justificatif de domicile ».

Insurance contract

Once you got a rental insurance, you will receive a document that prove you are assured for this appartement. With your name and the location of the insured property (your apartment). Later, you can ask for more recent copies of this document.

Justificatif de domicile


After have signed up for electricity, gas, or have subscribed to a phone line, or internet connection, you will receive bills every month. Those bills in your name can be used as « justificatif de domicile »

Justificatif de domicile

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For some contracts like EDF, you won’t receive bills every month, but every six month. You can generate documents from their website that prove that you are currently subscribed to their services.

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Some institutions like the prefecture, don’t accept phone bills. Moreover, your bills must always be under 3 moths old.


Taxe d’habitation

Finally, every year, renters pay a tax on the apartment. The bill itself can serve as proof of residence.

Justificatif de domicile


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