5 child care solutions in Paris

You are looking for child care solutions?

Here are 5 différents solutions of child care

Nursery assistant

To find a nursery assistant
, you can go to your Town hall and ask for a nursery assistant list. In each Town hall, there is a list with all the nursery assistants who practice in your borough of Paris (or in your city if you live elsewhere in France).

You can also find a nursery assistant with the PMI (The Center for Maternal and Child Protection). 

For this solution, you will pay a monthly salary to the nursery assistant. The salary average is around 750€/month. The CAF (Familly Allowance) offers financial assistance to pay this solution.
So the salary average 750€ but you can have financial assistance to decrease the cost.


Crèche / Childcare centre 

child care solutions

There are 3 types of « crèches » : municipal « crèche », private « crèche » and business « crèche ». To register for a municipal childcare centre, you must go directly to your Town hall and make a registration form. For a private childcare centre, you must go directly to the private « crèche » and fix an appointment. To register for a business childcare centre, you have to work in a company that offers this solution.


Daycare centre

child care solutions

The daycare centre is a municipal centre. To register, you must go directly to your Town hall.

The daycare centre are open only two mornings or afternoons a week (in general). Inquire in advance with your Town hall. 


Child care at home

child care solutions

With this solution, the person will come to your house to babysit your children. The child care at home is more expensive than solutions presented above but you can divide the costs with another family.

In France, many French people do this : you agree with a family that also seeks to have their children at home and alternate. Once the child of the family comes to your house and your two children are kept together, once your child goes to the other family home to be babysit with the other child.

Like this, you will reduce costs and your child will be accompanied by another child. Most of the time, the babysitter will do other tasks in the house like domestic help, ironing… It is up to you to decide and exchange with the babysitter on this point.


Au pair

child care solutions

The last solution is to have an au pair. This is a very common solution in some countries, especially in english-speaking countries.

To help you to find your au pair, here some websites :

– Easy Au Pair –> https://www.easyaupair.com/

– Yoopies –> https://yoopies.fr/baby-sitting

– Au Pair Paris –> http://www.aupairparis.fr/

– EuroPair –> http://europairservices.com/devenir-famille-daccueil

Obviously, we help you to find a babysit solution during our French trainings (more in detail, with personal follow-up and proposals for adapted solutions to your needs and your budget.


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