How to get a French driving licence?

In Paris, public transports are often better to move. However, if you want to move by your own, driving a car can be useful.

In this article, Absolutely French helps you during the process of getting a french driving licence.


Can I drive with my foreign driving license ? 

Maybe you already get your driving license in your native country. 

If you are resident in France and you hold a driving licence
deliver by European Union, you can drive during its validity time.

Furthermore, you have to exchange it for a French driving license if you make
an infraction to traffic law’s such as a loss of point, a restriction or a suspension.

On condition that your license remains valid back at home, and if your country
or state has a reciprocal exchange agreements with France then you can exchange
your license for a French license without having to take any written or driving tests
within one year of the beginning date on your carte de séjour.

Visa and residence permit to go to France


How long can I drive with my  driving license ? 

You may drive vehicles for up to 12 months from the date  featured on your first Titre de Séjour
(date de début de validité) or long term visa (date featuring on the OFII sticker on the first visa on the passport),
which is considered as the date you became a French resident.

To ensure continuous driving, you must apply for a French provisional licence and exchange your licence.

In case you don’t follow the procedure within the first 12 months, then your licence becomes invalid.
Consequently, you are uninsured and must stop driving. It then becomes obligatory to hold a French driver’s licence
obtained either through a license exchange (where permitted) or by taking a French driver’s test.

How can I make the exchange to get a french drinving license?

To exchange a driving license deliver in the European Union, you can only do it by post.
You have to send a post to the expertise and resources Center (Centre d’expertise et de ressources – CERT).

If you are in Paris, you have to send it to the resources of driving license’s exchange center
for foreign and international license (CREPIC).

But if you hold a driving license deliver out of the European Union.
You have to do this administrative procedure at the place of residence’s prefecture.  


I have to obtain a French driving license, how can I obtain it?

French driving license


If you have to obtain a French driver’s licence, you have first to take the Traffics Law’s exam, a theoretical exam.
After that, you have a practise exam. During this exam, you will drive in real situation during 25 minutes.
You can have an interpreter during the 2 exams.

If you success, you will have a driving license with 6 points.
As long as you don’t comit any infraction during 3 years, you will obtain all your points, that is 12 points.

Good luck!


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