How get the internet when you move abroad?

Getting an Internet connection is essential these days. 

For work, entertainment, children, but also for everyday life!
When we arrive in a new city that we don’t know (and even more so when it’s a new country),
we need to search daily for new information such as the opening time of the town hall, its location,
the nearest shop to do your shopping!

It is preferable to do these steps, to get the Internet, as soon as you have chosen
your final accommodation, before you move abroad!


First step to get internet when you move abroad: the eligibility

get internet move abroad

Testing your accomodation!

Indeed, we are overwhelmed by Internet subscription offers, it is often complicated
(even for people already living in France) to find our way around.

You should test your future home to find out the flow of your future connection
and compare the internet offers available. This test will allow you to see if you should take an offer for fibre or for ADSL.

Most of the time, you can ask the previous owner for information. However, if you want fibre optic
while the accommodation is currently under an ADSL offer, you will have to carry out a fibre optic eligibility test.

If you have the address of the accommodation, you can do it for free here.


Second step to get Internet: take out a new Internet subscription.

get internet move abroad

In this rather long stage, we are going to guide you!

Even if it may seem long and boring, read the contracts of the offers carefully to avoid unpleasant surprises!
Very often, if you take out an Internet subscription, you will have included a TV subscription as well as a fixed telephone line.


Some tips for getting Internet at your new home after you move abroad!

Use a comparator

There are many comparators! This will allow you to know the best rates.

For example:

Thanks to this website, you will have directly the offers adapted to your accommodation after having entered your future address.


Be patient…

Problems, small misunderstandings as well as the delay can be long, if you can,
try to take out your subscription before settling into your new apartment!

The ideal would be 3 weeks before you move in.

For example, if you subscribe to an ADSL offer, you will have to wait around 15 days to activate your line.

Concerning fibre optic subscriptions, the activation time varies considerably between the different operators.
In addition, many criteria have to be considered: If you want fibre but your home is not equipped with optical sockets,
the delay will be longer. If your accommodation is already equipped with optical plugs, the delay will be quite fast!

Getting an Internet connection may seem long, but many websites are there to guide you in selecting the right offer.

Don’t hesitate to ask for advice on forums or from your neighbours, it’s an opportunity to create links with them!


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