5 essential apps to know when you arrive in Paris


1. App to make an appointment with a doctor or specialist: Doctolib 

App doctor Paris France useful quick find           appointment doctor seek help urgency paris france number available          address doctor paris seek children adult specialist localisation


Find the health staff you are looking for (general practitioner, gynecologist, ophthalmologist, …),
make an appointment online or via the app in a few seconds.

Easy to use website which allows you to choose the medical staff (doctor/specialist) in relation to your location, by city, by district and by specialty.

You will find the prices of the selected specialist, his contact details, his online agenda.

And you can cancel online or reprogram the appointment in only 2 clicks!
Available and alterable 24h/24h.



2. App to quickly find a taxi : Chauffeur privé

car taxi transport quick not expensive hour preorder

Order a car with driver in a few minutes.

The application geolocates you and shows you the taxis available nearby.

Then, it informs you of your waiting time.
The taxi finds you quickly thanks to geolocation.

Payment via the application.
4 minutes waiting on average to have a driver.

The advantages: you can also program a taxi in advance.

And above all: the fixed price remains the starting price: no more bad surprises!


3. The best app to know how to get around: Citymapper

transport metro Subway RER bus card itinerary paris quick information          Rer metro bus ratp sncf itinerary find route paris time problem

Proposed itineraries and information on all transport in Paris and
in the suburbs thanks to a single application (metro, bus, rer, Vélib ‘, …) in real time.

This is the essential app in Paris to know how to get around and which mode of transport is the fastest.

Concerning the metro, you will know which lines to choose, as well as the position of the metro entrance, the number of the most suitable exit,
and even where to sit in the subway to find the correspondence more easily.

Citymapper shows the walking, driving and even scooter times now!

You have the plan from where you are, to find the place where you go!

You will not be able to do without it!

Quick tip: find your best route before you leave,
Citymapper keeps it in mind, and if you do not catch on the subway, you’ll still have it in memory!





4. App to order food: JustEat

 eat delivery home quick restaurant opinion not expensive tips              eat delivery home quick restaurant opinion not expensive tips proximity

Delivery of meals from more than 5000 restaurants.

Order food and be delivered day or night.
Food from around the world delivered to your door in a few minutes!

The advantage: you have the waiting time indicated. You can order whatever you want: Indian, Ethiopian, Lebanese … the world at your feet!

The restaurants are noted, so you can choose the best price-quality.

And the payment is done directly online, no more worry of cash!

JustEat is directly on their website or via the application.


5. App to get your groceries delivered: Houra

houra groceries shop delivery home easy quick not expensive          houra groceries shop delivery home easy quick not expensive time choice         houra groceries shop delivery home easy quick not expensive

Online supermarket with a wide choice of food, including a large selection of organic products,
but also plants (they work with Truffaut), dishes, small appliances,
a very beautiful cellar, refined cheeses and even decoration.

You choose a slot of only two hours for delivery (between 7am and 10pm!)

A short, practical, fast, and very intuitive app!
You will of course find promotions on the site and the history of your shopping lists to save even more time.

They are very caring for their client and hyper reactive!

And the main advantage is that they deliver you to your kitchen directly!!


 These 5 apps to know when you arrive in Paris, will change your life.


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