6 Unusual Cinemas to Discover


Discover our best addresses in the capital!


Do you like to relax in front of a good movie when you have free time? 

Here are unusual cinemas in Paris, to enjoy a good movie while discovering the atypical places of the capital!

The most romantic cinema 

MK2 Bibliothèque

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© mk2pro

Movie theaters for a romantic outing!

Indeed, the 16 rooms of this multiplex should appeal to lovers thanks to his « loveseats« . They allow to raise the armrests between two seats.

In addition to that, the programming is quality. Judge for yourself!

Official website of the mk2

Address: 128-162 Avenue de France, 75013 Paris

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RER C or Metro 14: at Bibliothèque François Mitterand stop

Average price: 11 €

The most chic cinema

Le Germain Paradisio

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A unique cinema experience in a chic atmosphere in Paris!

The Germain Paradisio is the first private cinema.

It gives you the opportunity to create your own club cinema!

And who does not like to snack in front of a good movie?

This cinema also offers a catering service during the screening!

To privatize this room, it’s here!

Address:  25 Rue de Buci, 75006 Paris

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Métro 10 – station Mabillon


Price: varies depending on your order.

The most Parisian cinema

Le Sudio 28

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Mythical room, vintage decor, a cinema in which we find the Parisian charm!

It is also the cinema in which was filmed Amélie Poulain with Audrey Tautou.

Check out the schedule

The cinema also has a very friendly café for a drink before the session!

Adress : 10 Rue Tholozé, 75018 Paris

cinéma, cinémas, cinemas, cinema, sortie insolite, salles vintage, meilleurs cinémas de paris, cinémas insolitesMetro 12 – station Abbesses

cinéma, cinémas, cinemas, cinema, salle mythique, cinéma vintage, sortie insolite, cinémas insolites, meilleurs cinémas de parisMetro 2 – Blanche

Average price: 9 €


The most impressive cinema

Le grand Rex

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The largest cinema in Europe, the Grand Rex has a New York style room in a splendid setting!

The magic of water is particularly worth seeing.

You will be dazzled by all these streams of bright water over your heads (or almost)!

After your session, take the opportunity to visit Rex Studios: an imaginary journey behind the scenes of cinema!

To book your session, it’s here!

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Metro 8 and 9 – Bonne Nouvelle

Average price: 12 €

The most vintage cinema

Le Louxor

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This cinema is one of the last in Paris dating from the 20s.

The Luxor has one of the most beautiful cinemas!

Take the opportunity to take a stroll on the terrace of the Luxor Bar.

It is a discreet and charming place, very pleasant for a drink on sunny days.

To learn more or just book your session

Adress: 170 Boulevard de Magenta, 75010 Paris

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Metro 2 and 4 – Barbès-Rochechouart


Average price: 10 €


The unusual cinemas of La Villette

La Géode

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A unique and enjoyable trip for young and old, in which you will be totally immersed in the film.

So explore the planets as if you were there!

Stroll alongside the pandas or watch the whales swimming over you …. Surprising experiences!

Book your tickets: here

Adress: 26 avenue Corentin Cariou, 75019 Paris

cinémas insolites, cinéma, cinémas, cinemas, cinema, sortie insolite, cité de la VilletteMetro 7 – Corentin Cariou

Average price: 12 €


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