Interview with Barbara –
Founder of Un appartement parisien

February 20, 2019, in Paris

Today Armelle Perben, founder of Absolutely French met Barbara,
founder of Un appartement parisien, real estate agency and Homefinder.
A big thank you to her for giving us this time
and have traded with us around her entrepreneurship project.
This interview has been very rewarding both humanly and professionally.

We wish her happiness, fulfillment and success!

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Barbara, founder of Un appartement parisien


Introduce yourself in a few words?

What has always characterized me is my pronounced taste for pretty things,
for architecture, decoration, undisguised pleasure for good cooking,
and a passion for Paris and its secret addresses.
From my university education in pharmacy and law, I kept the rigor and professionalism.
Training, which I completed recently
professional photography courses and 3D drawing.
All this allows me to bring a new perspective on the goods that I propose.


If you had to put forward 3 qualities that constitute you,
what would they be?

I would say empathy first and foremost.
This is also a quality that is essential in my activity
because it is essential to understand the expectations and needs of my clients
concerning their future apartment.
I make a maximum available for them, to advise them
and accompany them in their approach.
I am often characterized as a true finder of good and good plans.
Again, I like pretty things and it feels in my way of working.
Finally, my concern to do well makes me a reliable and determined person in what I undertake.


Tell us a little more about your career so far?

I worked for 20 years as a Responsible Pharmacist in the pharmaceutical industry.
Even if it’s not a medium in which my creative side could not flourish,
these years in big pharmaceutical companies bring me a lot in my activity today.
Indeed my cross estimates, my very advanced reporting allow me to stand out in a very competitive environment.


Tell us about your current project?

I created my company in 2017. It is a real estate agency and hunting high-end goods,
in Paris and the Paris region. Today and for over a year now I work alone,
but the feedback from my clients is a great source of motivation and a real strength for me.
My short-term goals are to develop a team that I can rely on,
to also share my good plans by means of a blog, for example.
I also want to get closer to business associations to share
this wonderful reconversion adventure and open to other doors.

Your last nice find?

Je suis très fière d’avoir déniché récemment dans le 16ème Nord,
un quartier où le prix au mètre carré ne cesse d’augmenter, un appartement au dernier étage plein soleil,
avec tout le charme de l’ancien mais à rénover complètement.
L’heureux propriétaire l’a acquis à un prix nettement en dessous du prix au mètre carré observé
et a pu en faire une pure merveille grâce à son architecte.

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Your biggest problem so far?

The main difficulty was to enter an environment that was foreign to me.
Demonstrate legitimacy in a field that is different from the pharmaceutical universe
and have to redo his proofs. Today if I had any advice to give to a person
who would like to reconvert it would be to agree to relearn,
continue to question and not think that competition can be a drag, on the contrary.

You also need to be aware that building your brand and your business requires a lot of upstream work and perseverance.


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