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Interview with Alexandre Besombes

Today Armelle Perben, founder of Absolutely French met Alexandre Besombes,
creator of the luxury private concierge Paris.
We thank him warmly for the richness of our exchange
both professionally and humanly.
It was a real pleasure and an excellent discovery.

We wish him every success in his professional future!

Introduce yourself in a few words?

Graduated from a major business school, I pursued my studies with an MBA in Canada.
I then had the chance to work 7 years in the trading room for prestigious banks such as Socgen and JPMorgan. In February 2010, I opened my company of which I am the co-manager, Unique Paris.

Alexandre Besombes Unique Paris Conciergerie de Luxe

Can you explain to us what is the private concierge?

Private concierge service is a 360 ° assistance service:

Private concierge provides all types of services to his client to make his life easier.

The main topics covered are usually the daily management of the house
(looking for house staff as a housekeeper or nanny,
emergency response of a plumber, administrative assistance … etc),
show ticketing (concerts, opera, theater, sporting events),
the event (birthday, wedding, family reunion, company seminar, end of year party etc),
travel and personal or professional travel
as well as real estate (flats hunting, transaction, follow-up of renovation works, rental management).



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Tell us a little bit about your current business?

Unique Paris is a different company than a « classic » private concierge.
We offer a personalized service with highly qualified concierges,
multilingual and who have at least ten years of experience.

The goal is to satisfy our customers whatever their demand, budget or time limits.
We try to provide each of them with a unique experience and to make their life easier.
That’s why our concierges are available 24/7 and must fluently speak several languages.
Generally they have previously evolved into large multinationals abroad
and they master the codes of luxury and lifestyle.

It was important to me that my caretakers be able to be autonomous and efficient about the wishes of customers
and can take the lead in understanding the demand.
We enter the lives of our customers and we quickly make ourselves indispensable
by arranging for them a whole lot of time-consuming problems with professionalism and rigor.
We represent the customer with all kinds of administrations and service providers
and we must be irreproachable.

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Your biggest problem so far?

Several conciergeries exist in Paris and in Europe elsewhere.
We had to stand out and win the trust of our customers.
You have to be patient and always keep a guideline in mind.

We offer high quality service so we can not afford
to have partners in whom we do not have blind trust.
I must be uncompromising on the quality for the good of our customers.

Are your services more expensive than market prices?

This is a question that comes up very often but no!
The revenues of the conciergerie are included in the subscription.
The company undertakes to offer only goods and services at the recommended retail price or negotiated rates
(we have very large volumes on most requests,
which allows to have a privileged relation with the providers and certain advantages).


If you had to summarize Unique Paris in one sentence?

Unique Paris is a private concierge with a spirit of « boutique » luxury,

like a boot maker who makes tailor-made shoes.

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