Manoela- Director of a Brazilian leather goods craft store 


In her native country, Brazil, Manoela used to work in a well-known leather goods factory.

Today, as an expatriate woman in France, she continues her work remotely.

And is seeking to develop her activity in  her host country.

In parallel, as an expatriate woman in France, she follows our Absolutely French training course.


Manoela leather goods woman business paris - expatriate woman in France


Before we begin, which words best describe you?


Happy, hard-working, curious and loyal.

Being happy and having a positive view of everything is a major source of positivity.

When people are smiling and welcoming, there is more room for dialogue and sharing things with one another.

Moreover, I am very hard-working since I have my company in Brazil and it is clearly time-consuming.

Nevertheless, the time that I dedicate to my work is a real pleasure and far from being a burden. I enjoy offering the best quality to my clients and a great work environment to my employees.

As I am also very curious and it is one of the reasons why I joined Absolutely French.

I am very keen to discover more about the french culture, language, food and most importantly the interesting people I can meet here.

Finally, I am very loyal towards my friends, family and colleagues; loyalty is essential to me.




Could you please tell us more about your professional background ?


I have almost always worked within the family business we run with my mother and my sister.

It is a leather goods company based in Brazil. We offer a large selection of products made from leather; such as bags, belts or keychains.

Here are some of the articles we designed:

Yellow leather goods Brazil Woman fashion absolutely french-expatriate woman in France             leather bag leather goods women orange fashion absolutely french            bag brasil flower leather goods woman absolutely french-expatriate woman in France


You can find us on instagram: @marinelacarvalho

And our website can be found: here 

What are you expecting from your expatriation ?

Professionally, I am studying to learn more about the french working world and the french market. I want to know how it works, how to position myself in it, if it is recommended to find a collaborator and if it can allow me to expend my company worldwide.

Humanely, I strongly appreciate meeting new people, exchanging on our way of living, habits and discovering common values and interests between us. The french culture is impressive and I feel like I still have so much to learn.



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