The expatriation of Elenice, an opportunity to learn!


Elenice is an expat partner in France.

She made her expatriation an opportunity to learn,
develop new skills for her future life!

Let’s discover her!


Elenice, an expat partner

How was Elenice’s life before her expatriation ? 

She comes from São Paulo in Brazil. She was a financial manager.


expatriation opportunity

What about her expatriation ?

It is her first expatriation. When we ask her if she was happy to go abroad,
she tells us she was happy.

« I think that this experience will bring me a lot of new skills
and help me to improve my career and also my personal life. »


Her life in France as an expat partner

How were your feelings when you’ve arrived in France?

What is difficult? If yes, what was the most difficult for you?

« It was a mix of happiness with excitement. My husband was already here and he went to pick me up
at the airport because unfortunately I’ve arrived in the fist day of the strike in December 2019.

The most difficult for me was that I was away from my friends and family in a different country
with a different culture and without a job. I’ve never being without a job since I was 15 years old. »


And now? How do you feel in Paris?

« Now we are in the middle of the COVID-19 crises and in a certain way I’m getting used to the new routine.
My husband work home office until the end of May and I keep doing household chores and studying French and technology. »

The expatriation : an opportunity as an expat partner

During her expatriation, she starts to study technology (programming language).
She still don’t have a new job because first she has to change her visa
and because of the lock-down this had to be postponed. 

Visa and residence permit to go to France


Expatriation brought new skills, useful in the professional world ?

« Yes, I think the most important is the resilience. You get used to face new challenges and learn
to adapt to any situation, it helps inside the professional wold too. »


Her future as an expat partner

How do you see your life after? What do you want? Go back home? Go somewhere else?

« For now I don’t have plans to go back to Brazil I plan
to find a job here and  
than see what to plan in the future. »


To end Elenice’s interview

What is your favorite quote? Why?


I like Lao Tzu’s quote:

« The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. »

Because I think it represents the moment I’m living now as I had to change radically my lifestyle
I’m re-planning a lot of things in my life now and it has to be done step-by-step.




Elenice speaks Portuguese, English, Spanish and starts to be good in French, too!

She is looking for a job as financial manager.

To know more about her, please watch her linkedin profile


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