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Child sick in Paris solutions

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You are looking for child sick solutions?

When our children are sick, our first reflex is to take an appointment with a doctor.

However, they aren’t always available, so what can we do in this case ?

Let’s see other possibilities.


 SOS médecin

SOS médecins allows the consultation of a doctor at your home, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

They are operated in Paris (75) and around (departments 92, 93, 94).

You could take an appointment online directly and choose if you want the doctor to come or if you prefer a videoa call.

Very easy to use.

Numéros téléphone SOS médecin

The person online will ask you a phone number, the name of the patient, his age, the ground of the appeal and the exact address of the place of visit.

La Garde Médicale de Paris allows to be geared towards a medical house of guard or towards the open medical practice the closest. If it’s necessary, a doctor can move at your home.

Numéro de téléphone garde médicale de Paris


This website allows to make an appointment online easily with a doctor., and you could also do your appointment online.

All you need to do is to fill in the type of doctor you are looking for (general practitioner, dentist, surgeon…) and your place, then choose the time slot you want.

Important point, with this website, you could also book a laboratory to do an blood analysis or any other medical examination. You could also choose which language the doctor speaks,

add your address to have doctors closed to your home, and select if it’s urgent or not.

Really efficient!

doctolib medecin sick -child sick solutions
medadom consultation d'un médecin à domicile

 The medical emergencies

The medical emergencies of Paris are open 24 hours a day.

child sick solutions
ump urgences paris

It’s possible to contact a doctor or to apply for a medical at your home on their website :

You can also go directly to the nearest emergencies.

Numbers to know 

Numéros téléphone à connaître-child sick solutions

If it’s an emergency, call the « 15 » or go directly to « les Urgences »,

to now where is the closest, check on Google : « urgences pédiatriques » (it means for kids)! ?

If you’ve tested another solution, that should be added, please write us a comment.

Thank you so much!

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