The 5 stage to get a place in childcare center


Get a place in childcare center can be synonym of obstacle course. The offer stay sadly lower than request.
In this article, we are going to guide you and give you advices to maximise
your chance to obtain the Grail, a place in childcare center!


childcare center

First step : The motivation

Be motivated and show it! Before begin step, ask you the question:
why did I choose childcare center as type of childcare and not another?


Second step: finding childcare center

Finding welcome structure near your home, it’s a step to do from the beginning of your pregnancy.
(Yes… you haven’t yet met your baby that you must already think about your separation…).


Third step: Inform you near city hall and childcare center

According to your city, you have to inform you near your city hall or childcare center.

We advise you firstly to contact your city hall to take note about meeting concerning type of childcare for example
(meetings are a great way to be known and prove your motivation).

You will take note about formalities such as file (where can you get it, when you must submit it), etc.

In parallel to the city hall, inform you directly near the childcare center, maybe you will get a precious appointment.

If you obtain this appointment, go to it ideally as a couple. Prepare your arguments in advance to show your motivation!
Ask questions, it will prove your interest for the childcare center!

Don’t forget to bring all the necessary documents! They will be list before the appointment!

After the appointment, you can write a letter, who prove again your interest, don’t hesitate to show your motivation!

Fourth step: the conditional offer

childcare center files

The process don’t stop now, you have to fill a provisional registration dossier.
Be attentive when you fill it. It shouldn’t miss any document who you risk to lose your place!

According to the childcare center, the requested documents can change, in general,
you have to provide at least, your pregnancy declaration, a proof of address,
income tax resources of the current year (or taxes assessment)
but also a pay slip from both parents for the past three months.

Fifth step: Keep your interest and show it!

childcare center

Easy to say, not really to do, manifest you regularly!

It’s prove your interest, and show that you’re still interest by this place! For example,
you can write regularly to the early childhood’s director to know how your file progress.

You can also contact the director of the childcare center, ask questions, or know how your file progress.

If there is a visit of the structure, ask questions, show tour interest et don’t hesitate to compliment (not too much)!

An important point, you have to confirm your conditional offer in the next few days after the birth.
The best is to come directly on site, you will bring the birth certificate with the inscription’s receipt.

We hope the commission will give you a place!

Our additional advices!

Some advices to stack all the odds in your favour:

— Your child must have their vaccine up to date.
— Opt for a starting in September, some place will be free because the oldest children left the childcare center for school.
— It’s not really fair we agree, a child has more chance to be accept if one of his eldest is or was in the childcare center.


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