How do I register my child at the recreation center?

In Paris, recreation centers are located in primary and nursery schools. They welcome children on Wednesdays but also during school holidays. How register my child at the recreation center?
Recreation centers continue to accommodate children during this new period of confinement.

How to register your child at the recreation center in Paris? During and outside the registration period.

The registration period is defined during the 30 days preceding the reception periods of the leisure centers.

During the registration period: 

The Paris City Council has developed a Facil’famille web platform to register your child remotely in an recreation center. Access to this platform is only possible during the registration period. You must create an account on the platform.
If you experience difficulties on the online platform, it is advisable to go directly to the recreation center to register your child via a paper registration form.

Outside the registration period: 

Family Face is only available during the registration period. Outside of this period, you must go to the recreation center. Once on site, you must fill in an administrative and health information sheet. It is advisable to call the center beforehand to prepare, if necessary, specific documents, necessary at the time of registration.
It is important to note that outside the registration period, you will pay 30% more.

All rates are available on the official website of the City of Paris:

What if I am not living in Paris and my child is not attending school in Paris?

Outside Paris, leisure centers depend on schools. Depending on where your child goes to school, his school (nursery or primary) is directly linked to a leisure center. You must therefore call or go directly to the recreation center team to inquire to register your child.
It is possible to make exceptions in certain special cases to enroll his child or his/her children in a Parisian recreation center. (see below)

See: Enrollment in a public or private school?

Can I change a registration at the recreation center?

It is possible to change or cancel a registration directly from the online platform Facil’famille, during the registration period.
To modify a registration, you can redo a new one that will erase the previous one (don’t forget to stay within the registration deadlines).
To delete a listing, you must return to the form on your Facil’famille account and uncheck the days you want to cancel.
After the registration period, it is no longer possible to change the registration of your child at the center from the Facil’famille portal.

How do I make sure my child is registered?

After registration on Facil’Famille, you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive this email, it may be that you have not entered an email address on the platform or that the email address entered is invalid or that the email is in your spam. 
You can do something about it on Facil’famille in the “Change My Contact Information” section. It is also possible to view your child’s calendar from “registrations made” in your account.
In case of paper registration, a confirmation will be sent to you by SMS.

When can I request a waiver?

A request for exemption from the Direction des Affaires scolaires de la Ville de Paris is required in the following cases:
– Child under 3 already in school.
– Children living outside Paris and/or attending a Parisian school.
– Separated or divorced parents.
– Agents assimilated or working at the city of Paris.
– Grandparents living in Paris.

Parents must apply for a waiver and specify in their application the identity of the child and parents, their address, and the dates on which the child will attend the recreation centre.Explain the reason for the request and include your phone number and email address. Attach a school certificate for the child.
Requests for derogations should be sent by e-mail to:

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