Ophélie’s testimony : CEO’s Right hand

Témoignage d'Ophélie 👉Tell us about your role at Absolutely French? 

At Absolutely French, I was the CEO’s right-hand and logistics manager. I handled all aspects of training organization, ensuring that the instructors and learners had everything they needed for their courses.

👉 What did you learn during your experience at Absolutely French?

At Absolutely French, I learned a lot professionally.

And I have grown a lot over the past five years. I have learned about business management, as well as diplomacy, which is an important aspect. I have also learned to work in a team and to manage effectively.
All of this thanks to a very good model, Armelle!

👉What do you particularly like about Absolutely French?

What I appreciate about Absolutely French is the atmosphere, the mindset, and the activities that are offered there, but above all, the spirit that prevails!

👉 In your opinion, what is the best activity at Absolutely French?

I didn’t participate in them, but I think the strolls are part of the cool classes, and the learners especially enjoy the strolls. And also the Cook&Learn sessions!

My choice is between cook and stroll, even though all the activities are great!


👉 What is your best Stroll at Absolutely French? 

So I did two strolls, my first one was the Abbesses stroll at the very beginning, which is a very good stroll, and I also did the Palais Royal one with Olivia. She took me everywhere previous learners had been, and it was a very beautiful and interesting stroll.

👉 What is your best memory at Absolutely French?

 Can I have three? Because that’s complicated.

Firstly, I would say it’s with the learners, when we see them arrive at the beginning and they are (well, not all of them) a bit shy. They don’t really understand everything about France, etc. And after a few months, seeing how they have adapted, how they have evolved and grown, and how they feel comfortable in France after going through the foundation.

I think there are also all the events we organized, which were all very intense periods, and afterwards, we could take a breath and be proud of the work accomplished and say, « Okay, we succeeded! »

There have been many others, but I would also say that I really enjoyed the internship in Avignon with the whole team for the FestiFle stage, for the training on « Using Theater in Teaching French as a Foreign Language » (FLE).


👉 Can you use three words to describe Absolutely French?

 So obviously I’d say benevolence, sharing and also listening!


👉 One last word ?

 This is a new chapter for me. I was very happy to spend these past 5 years here, alongside Armelle, and I met so many wonderful people, whether they were interns, trainers, or learners. And I will keep very fond memories of it all! And I will continue to follow the adventures of Absolutely French!


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