Rugby World Cup 2023: How France prepared to host a socially conscious World Cup!

Rugby World Cup 2023 preparation rundown

Hey there, fellow rugby enthusiasts! The France 2023 Rugby World Cup has just wrapped up, and it was a thrilling journey filled with scrums, tries, and even a fair few cheeky drop goals. The action on the pitch was unmatched but let’s have a look at France’s preparation to make this World Cup possible.

Rugby World Cup 2023

Eco-Friendly Rugby

Believe it or not, the French Ministry of Sport transformed into eco-warriors for this World Cup. They aimed to recycle 90% of waste and cut greenhouse gas emissions in half. How? By going all-in on renewable energy sources, like wind and solar power. Like a lot of French organisations, we at Absolutely French have been prioritising sustainability, in fact since 2022 we have achieved a negative Carbon balance.

Want to hear it from the horse’s mouth? 

Bikes, Buses, and Booze (Sustainably)

France encouraged fans to embrace their inner eco-crusaders. They pushed for public transport, walking, and cycling to the stadiums. Food and drinks were served in eco-friendly packaging, making us feel like environmentally conscious fans. Cheers to that!

Do you know how to get around Paris?

Celebrating Diversity & Inclusion

France aimed to make this World Cup a melting pot of diversity. They partnered with local groups to ensure everyone felt welcome. Plus, they created jobs and training opportunities that felt like a job fair with a rugby twist.

The Great Rugby Tour

In 2022, they kicked off a Rugby Tour that was like a rock concert and a carnival rolled into one. It was a chance to meet your rugby idols, join in fun games, all while learning about the history and essence of the Rugby World Cup. Fan heaven, indeed! This fan focussed experience carried on during the World Cup as fans piled into rugby villages (fan zones) to watch the matches on colossal screens, listen to live music, enjoy after-parties and most importantly enjoy the rugby atmosphere.

Check out some footage of the fan zones!

Social Media Shenanigans

France 2023 got creative with social media. They shared behind-the-scenes scoops from players, coaches, and fans worldwide. It was like being part of a global rugby family chat. And those brand deals with Mastercard, Emirates, and Asahi Super Dry? Impressive!

Brand New Identity – Looking Snazzy!

They unveiled a fresh new brand identity, complete with a new logo, tagline, and colour scheme. It was like rugby’s stylish makeover. Teamwork, respect, and inclusion were the name of the game.

Rugby World Cup 2023

The Unsung Heroes – Broadcasters

Behind the scenes, broadcasters were busy as bees. They secured rights, trained their crews, and upgraded their tech for an awesome viewing experience. Kudos to them for bringing the rugby magic to our screens!

Farewell to the Rugby Circus

As the World Cup came to a close, we’re left with unforgettable memories, jaw-dropping matches, and friendships from around the world. Who’s going to win next time? Well, rugby’s full of surprises. Until then, let’s keep the rugby love alive and the laughs rolling! 🏉😄 At Absolutely French we love everything France (and rugby), let us know about your experiences at the rugby world cup in the comments below!

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Rugby World Cup 2023

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