Working out in free facilities in Paris

You want to work out in Paris but you don’t know where? You want to join a sports group but you don’t know how?

In this article we give you the keys to working out in free facilities in Paris! 

Where can you work out in Paris?

The stadiums

In Paris lots of race tracks and stadiums are free of access and are put at your disposal, if no association or classes are present. Those locations are ideal if you want to practise outside in open air. 

Here are some examples :

Stade Leo-Lagrange in the 12th district: this stadium offers good quality installations, for example : soccer fields, basketball courts, volleyball courts and race tracks.

Jardin Saint Paul in the 4th district : you will find courts as well as an athletics track 

free facility in Paris

Fitness facilities

However, if you prefer body weight training, you can work out in fitness centers. Training stations, crossbars, espaliers, find a large number of sports equipment! 

For example, the street work-out area at the Parc de la Villette in the 19th district is a 1500m2 space entirely converted into a fitness area. This space is open to everyone to exercise freely.

To find out which fitness center is closest to your home, just visit the website in the « fitness centers » category.

In addition, many sports facilities are present in the parks. For instance, the Parc Kellermann in the 13th arrondissement where you will find several activities: soccer, ping-pong, tennis, fitness trail!


free facility


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Find groups to work out in Paris with

Would you rather work out in a group but don’t know how? Here are some tips on how to find a workout group.


Thanks to the Meet-up website, you will find dozens and dozens of sports groups in Paris. The goal is simple: to meet people near you who share the same interests as you. Here too there is something for everyone! Some examples of sports groups :

Expatriates Triathlon Paris

Sports activities for several people

Zumba Edgard Paris

Facebook groups:

Finally, Facebook groups are a great way to find people to do sports with near you. Just type in « Sport in Paris » and you will find what you are looking for. Here are two examples of active sports groups on Facebook: 

Wanted Sport Paris 

Copine de Rando Paris / IDF!


working out in free facilities


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