Why you shouldn't offer chrysanthemum to french people?

Why french people bring Chrysanthemum flowers to their graves?

It seems that only the Catholic Church has accepted from the Middle Ages offerings of flowers , wreaths and garlands for the funeral rites.

Unlike other strands of Christianity ( Protestant, Orthodox ) , for which these rites offerings of flowers were always associated with pagan rites .

Chrysanthemum comes from China, it means prosperity, longevity, good life .

– ( From the Greek : Khrusos = or, anthemon = flowers)

– In 400 BC , this flower became the fourth " noble plant" after bamboo, orchid, and plum .

In the twelfth century , the Chinese grew 25 varieties of chrysanthemums, against more than 300 in 1708.

Prior to import through a browser , Captain Pierre Blancard around 1789, the name " chrysanthemum " is given to all kinds of flowers ( marigolds, daisies of the Asteraceae family ) , but the real chrysanthemum, Confucius described well in 500 BC :

" the flower that blooms when the yellow leaves fall from the trees and when the insects take shelter … " .

It was not until 1880 that the Chrysanthemum finally dethroned all other plant species in the field of graves in France .

Romantics established the chrysanthemum and the fashion takes .

The roses are gradually disappearing.

Now, you know why you shouldn't offer this flower when you go to a french diner.

It's better to choose a good french (of course) wine or roses (but not the red ones =love and the yellow ones = betrayal) and only an odd number but not thirteen (= bad luck).

Chrysanthemum and french

Chrysanthemum and french