Play and Learn French Class with Absolutely French


Do you know that you are amazing players?

And that you could learn french through games and enjoy it a lot?


Play and Learn days are part of our training with :

  • Cook and Learn days : you prepare your shopping list with the menu, we go on the market and then you will ask to buy everything we need to cook together. You will cook a full menu, and then eat it together.
  • Stroll and Learn days : treasure hunt in Paris, to discover the culture and history of Paris, and understand administrative tools.
We use lots of different games to teach you French :
theater games, roles games, dices, taboo, pictionary…
and all our games were prepared to teach you a specific linguistic goal.
Learning through games liberate you, and give you the impression that you are not learning!
But you are learning!  Just in a different way, as when you were a child and use to play to learn.
play and learn - theater games- learn french
Our games (made with love ❤️) give you confidence in your oral, and give you self-confidence.
You will speak quicker than with a normal method, so you will be autonomous and integrate quicker too.
Discover some pictures of these amazing days! And join us to learn French with fun and meet expatriates as you!
We are a B to B service, only.
Play and Learn French Class with Absolutely French

Absolutely French is the first French school ?? dedicated only to expat spouses.
Our main mission is to promote double career among expatriate couples.
With our fun, friendly and innovative French trainings, we guarantee you a better integration! ❤️

You want to learn with us?
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