5 applications to learn french

We tested several applications to learn french, here is our top 5 !

Quizlet :

Games, games, games, we love it !


applications learn french          applications learn french


Application that allows you to train and helps you to memorize the language. Possibility to create your own lists according to your desires and needs among millions already created.

Possibility to listen to texts with perfect pronunciation in 18 languages.

– We like : listening to the pronunciation of words

– We don’t like : lack of freedom to edit the cards

To discover Quizlet, it’s there !


Duolingo :

Form sentences quickly

applications learn french           applications learn french


Short and fun lessons, adapted to a larger number. Fast progression. Basic vocabulary, instant correction. Several languages available. Good for children.

– We like : the possibility to switch to an « intensive » mode

– We don’t like : quite basic vocabulary, the use of two languages, only the language taught should be used.



Flashcards avec CRAM:

Being the main player in your learning process

applications learn french           applications learn french

Make your own vocabulary sheets according to your needs, illustrate your vocabulary as you wish.

Possibility to take already done cards.

Possibility to share your cards with other people.

Learning via new cards but also revisions via old ones already learned so as not to forget what you are learning.


22 languages available.

– We like : visuals helping you to memorize, being able to listen to what you write in the language chooses!

– We don’t like : the obligation to pay to access the entire application

Cram is a great tool  to develop your vocabulary, using what already exists, or

by creating their own maps with their definition: in French, of course ?!



Orthographe avec DigiSchool :

Progress at your pace with 4 levels of difficulty

applications learn french            applications learn french

Spelling with DigiSchool offers fun and interactive exercises, adapted to the level of the learner. Reviews with intuitive and easy cards and the possibility to test your knowledge to evaluate yourself

– We like : large amount of exercises

– We don’t like : the obligation to pay to access the entire application



Memrise : 

Work on your vocabulary according to your level and become autonomous quickly

applications learn french        applications learn french        applications learn french

Their mission? Make learning fun.

A wide choice of interactive games available even without Internet connection.

Works by setting goals to evolve at everyone’s pace. Focused on useful vocabulary on a daily basis.

Their goal is to make you learn the language and to make students able to conduct a conversation quickly. International team for accompaniment.

22 languages available.

– We like : mots practical and useful words for your everyday life

– We don’t like : the obligation to pay to access the entire application

Try our application !

Absolutely French : 

Learn every single day with great visuals and interactive games ! 

Learn a new French word every day.

Play : watch, listen, contextualize, pronounce, use it in à sentence and write this new word to memorize better.

Review all words at the end of the week, one week, one theme.

Beginners level.

Improve your vocabulary faster with Absolutely French !

Our application allows you to test yourself and learn differently ! 

The very positive aspect of our app : you have a free access to all the content we offer. 


Absolutely French IOS

Absolutely French Android

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