5 grammar books we recommend to learn french


Whether you are beginners, intermediate or experienced, here are 5 books of French grammar to learn or improve your grammar, recommended by our FLE teachers.

livre grammaire orthographe français apprendre cours exercice

Grammaire essentielle du FLE with Didier


Various books of different levels  (A1, A2, B1, B2)

To work with personalised content, adapted to your level,

For teenagers and adults.

 I found this book very complete, with a large choice of written and oral exercises 


We love : each theme relies on 3 different steps :

observation, reflection and memorisation


 Key advantage : numerous distributors in France and abroad, ideal to prepare yourself well before your arrival!

Digital resources are also available as well as a comparative grammar.


You can consult the book on their website : Voir le livre

Prix : 20.90€

livre grammaire français recommandé exercice cours



Progressive grammar of the FLE with Clé International

For beginners : A1 book

For intermediate learners: A2 to B2 books

Progressive learning


We love : being able to practice exercices while having the book in front of you to acknowledge all the grammar rules


The avantage : adapted to take language certificates


To have a look at the book : Click here

Price : 23.90€

grammaire progressive débutant A1 cours français apprendre livre- French grammar books



Classic grammar learning with PUG

2 books, 2 levels : beginner (A1,A2) and advanced (B1, B2)

Work on your oral and written skills


We love : the summary sheets to remember what you have learned

The avantage : uses analytical skills and develops your perceptions to learn


To have a look at the book : Click here

Price : 20.50€

La grammaire des premiers temps -French grammar books


The exerciser with PUG

600 exercices of grammar, 24 chapters.

For advanced learners.


We love : the information is synthetic : we are not lost in loads of data


The avantage : relies on numerous documents

(articles, publicity, photographies, drawings, statistics)

 to become familiar with a wide variety of resources.


An index for exercices which allows you to spot de difficulty of each grammar rule.


To have a look at the books : click here

Price : 21.60€

Possibility to buy another chapter.

exercisier grammaire français française cours exercice b1 b2 confirmé - French grammar books


Bled grammar with hachette

80 lessons, more than 350 exercices with correction.

An easy format which is adapted for children and adults.

Offers a great amount of grammar rules and verbs

To be capable of speaking and writing in any situation.


We love : The very detailed exercises and lessons


The advantage : very useful book


Price : 12.90€ (less expensive than other grammar books)

To have a look at the book : click here

bled grammaire livre recommandé français France apprendre - French grammar books


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