Attendre 107 ans : meaning ang  origin 

The phrase « attendre 107 ans » has its origin in a historical fact.

It seems that the final construction of the cathedral Notre Dame de Paris have taken 107 years!
This period of work seemed like an eternity to the Parisians who were tired of this perpetual construction site on « l’Ile de la Cité ».
Indeed, if everyone agrees on the start of the construction in 1163, the end date is not defined : 1330 for some, for others 1345.
Only one thing is sure, it was very, very long and exceeded a century.

Currently, this expression is used in everyday language when something seems laborious.
This phrase is used most often in a negative form – « ne pas attendre 107 ans » – to emphasize the annoyance and not to have to wait as long as the construction of the cathedral.


– Mais qu’est-ce qu’il fait? Je ne vais pas attendre (ou je n’attendrai pas) 107 ans!  

– Alors Thomas, combien font 12×11? On ne va pas y rester 107 ans!

-Cela peut durer 107 ans.

– Ça fait 107 ans que j’attends une rencontre avec toi! (une éternité)

– Dépêche toi! On ne va pas faire patienter ma mère 107 ans.

Attendre 107 ans