How do I find a housekeeper?

Looking for a housekeeper is a step that many families go through.

How do I find a housekeeper ? Which option I have to choose? We explain you everything about domestic help!

find a housekeeper - a maid

Wecasa to find a housekeeper

Wecasa is a site offering various services: hairdressing, beauty, massage, cleaning, babysitting, sports coaching, etc.

When booking your household, you will need to enter the postal code of your city.

You will be able to define your needs (cleaning, ironing, etc.) and indicate whether you own animals.

You will define the duration (from 2 to 7 hours), as well as the frequency of your household
(once a week, once every two weeks, several times a week or just this once).
You will then enter the date and time in the calendar.

Wecasa will tell you what materials and products your household needs.

All you have to do is register to book and you’re done!

Benefits: Wecasa takes care of the declaration, the employment contract and the pay statement. A real administrative relief and we take and stop whenever we want.

Disadvantages: More expensive than hiring directly.



Yoojo is a platform of services between individuals, which offers various services: DIY,
gardening, moving, cleaning, childcare, animals, computer, personal assistance, private lessons, etc.

The applicant will select the service that corresponds to them, “household” in this case.

He will have to indicate the address to which the service must be rendered, the surface to be cleaned, additional needs (cleaning of appliances, windows or ironing),
and the frequency of cleaning (just this time, twice a month, once or several times a week).

You will then have to select the date and time and indicate the duration and the price you want to set.

Yoojo is a website designed to simplify the hiring and payment of an employee.
This platform avoids many administrative steps concerning the declaration of your employee.

Each «jobber» is evaluated by the members of the site, in order to attest to his professionalism.
Any benefit is commented on and evaluated by individuals or employers.

Benefits: Yoojo takes care of the declaration, and the pay sheet. A real administrative relief and they are cheaper than Wecasa. We take and stop whenever we want.

Disadvantages: More expensive than hiring directly.


Shiva to recruit a maid

Shiva is an agent company, that is to say, she will manage the administrative procedures for you.
However, you will still be the employer of your housekeeper.

Shiva offers a tailor-made cleaning and ironing service by professionals.

You will benefit from personalized follow-up according to your needs by determining the duration, frequency, the days and hours and tasks to be performed during your housekeeper’s interventions.

Shiva will take over the administrative formalities related to your status as an employer:
URSSAF declarations, accounting for hours worked, pay slips etc.

With your personal status, as soon as an employee is hired at home,
you will receive a tax credit equal to 50% of the cost of the services.

Benefits: Shiva takes care of the declaration, and the pay sheet. A real administrative relief. And it’s a real agency: so more extensive recruitment and a real service to meet your specific requests.

Disadvantages: much more expensive.


Aspara Ménage

Aspara Ménage is a non-profit 1901 law association whose mission is to help
individuals who are struggling to reintegrate. This association helps unemployed people with low skills develop their employability through meaningful training and experience.

Aspara Ménage guarantees a quality service. Thus, the staff at your disposal is trained and competent.
This association offers you a personalized follow-up and adapts to your needs: regular or one-off services.

Regular benefits are covered by a contract listing the nature, location and hours of benefits.

You choose the duration (minimum two consecutive hours), days and frequency of interventions.
It is also possible to suspend services as soon as you wish, but you must give one month’s notice.

In addition to the tax credit equal to 50% of the cost of services,
Aspara Ménage offers you a declining rate depending on the number of hours of cleaning.

Benefits: Aspara takes care of the declaration, the employment contract and the pay statement. A real administrative relief. Decreasing rate.

Disadvantages: one-month notice to suspend service, for Paris and near suburbs only.

Leboncoin, a little more paperwork.

Through existing ads, find your housekeeper, or post an ad!

find a housekeeper

Benefits: you can recruit someone yourself, and close to home on Leboncoin
The rates are cheaper because you do not have an intermediary and the site is free.

Disadvantages: you will have to do everything: the employment contract, the declaration and the pay slip and think of everything: paid leave, which contract? Compensation for termination of contract…


Now all you have to do is find your maid!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in the comments :) 


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