15 French books to progress in French – beginners

It is more enriching to read French literature and French authors than to discover them through translations. Here are 16 French books to read for intermediaries.

Literature is a way to entertain us, to cultivate ourselves, to send a message or to tell historical facts. It makes us travel through time, work our imagination and discover a civilization through lifestyles, manners or French expressions.


livres pour progresser en français-intermédiaires


 For those who have a visual memory, reading can allow you to memorize vocabulary as well as spelling and grammar rules.

Education has never been more entertaining!


Books to read to progress in French – CLE International Collection


Vingt mille lieues sous les mers by Jules Verne

 Professor Aronnax, his friend Conseil and harpooner Ned, who were trying to capture a fantastic sea monster, find themselves prisoners of Captain Nemo, aboard his submarine the Nautilus. It was then that during their maritime voyage, a psychological and cultural struggle took place between Aronnax and Nemo.


Cinq semaines en ballon by Jules Verne

 Try to cross Africa from east to west by the air on board a fragile nacelle left to all the whims of the winds. As one might expect, the five weeks it will take for Dr. Fergusson and his two companions to do so will be full of surprises and ups and downs.


Voyage au centre de la terre by Jules Verne (again)

 Jules Verne is having fun. Each book is the occasion of a new bet, more insane than the previous one.
A mad scientist goes down with a teenager and a guide to the center of the Earth, then goes back one hundred at an hour, pushed by a torrent of molten lava…


La guerre des boutons by Louis Pergaud

 And then you can watch the movie which is very funny (The War of Buttons by Yves Robert)
Like every year, the children of two neighbouring villages wage war, with sticks, stones and slingshots. This year under the direction of Lebrac, those of Longeverne had the idea to strip their enemies of their buttons, in order to force them to return home undressed.