How to learn a new language as quickly as possible?

Done with the books ! Long live action ! 

Why does “learning a language” must be done through action?

How to learn a new language as quickly as possible?

b“I hear and I forget, 

jI see and I remember,

I do and I understand”, Confucius 


What is the « learning by doing », also known as the new action oriented method?

Have you ever wondered how you can learn a new language in the easiest and fastest way as possible ?

Virtual classes, e-learning platforms, applications in any kind, the approaches to learn a new language keep developing. 

But are they actually helpful in the learning process ?

In order to learn how to speak a new language, you need to immerse yourself in it, in its culture, their is a necessity in keeping contact with the natives, you need to live the language. 

The “experimental cone” of Edgar Dale* shows that learning thought action is more effective : we only remember 10% of what we read and 75% of what we practise.

Experiencing the language is the best way to rapidly assimilate and to retain everything in memory for the long term. 

Here are some keys that will help you switch to an action oriented apprenticeship.


What language do your teacher speak ?


Participate in a discussion, exchange with the speakers. 

play and learn methode actionnelle
Our absolute in « play and learn »: we make them play to learn better and quicker !


Studying a new language is very intuitive, being totally immersed in the culture and hanging out with native speakers allows you to become familiar with the way it sounds and it gives you the opportunity to familiarise yourself with it. 


Moreover it is needed to hear and “see” in order to talk, in order to soak in the words, the expressions, the phonetics and to be able to naturally imitate your interlocutor. 

So, don’t hesitate to search for contact with people speaking the language you are learning.


Simulate an experience 


Games are an excellent way to learn language 

The role-playing exercises allow students to simulate everyday life experiences

and to acquire the vocabulary specific to each situation (making a phone appointment, simulating a negotiation…).

But the more classic games also work very well, because while you are playing, in the language you are learning,

you forget that you are working. The tension is released and allows for mistakes, which allows you to progress more quickly.

Practice also allows you not to be afraid to jump in when the real moment comes.


Retale an experience 

During « Stroll and Learn » days, our absolutes experience the language directly « out there ».


Telling a story, talking about oneself, about what one likes, allows one to use everyday language.

This allows you to assimilate vocabulary by reusing what you have heard in your own sentences.

You can prepare in writing what you want to tell if it seems too difficult at first.

Go for it! You will see, the people who listen to you will be happy to help you progress.


Get out of class : experience 

A language is first and foremost spoken, so it is important to emphasize the spoken word

and to integrate it into your daily life in order to assimilate it more quickly and efficiently.

The ideal is to learn the new language in the country where it is spoken.

Take advantage of vacations and trips abroad to put yourself in real-life situations.

Being on the move, communicating, living the action, appeals to all the senses and

and feelings and allows for long term memorization. 

Do not hesitate to « do » in the language you are learning: shopping, cooking, going to the theater…

You will see that these moments will be the ones that you will remember the most.

Books, E-learning platforms,… are supports, complementary tools, indispensable,

but nothing can replace the fact of living the language, of feeling your way around, of making mistakes.

The action- oriented method is the fastest and easiest way to learn a new language, your lessons will be revolutionized by this method.

In conclusion, enjoy learning, don’t be afraid to make mistakes and « take action!


How to learn a new language as quickly as possible
Our « Absolus », after each course, they « mimic » a word that they have learned during the day to memorize it. Will you find what they are?


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