Why Learning by Doing is Better ?

Presentation of the « Learning by Doing » method


What is the cone of Edgar Dale ?

During the 1960s, Edgar Dale (an american educator) theorized that learners retain more information by what they “do” as opposed to what is “heard”, “read” or “observed”. 

We retain primarily what we discuss and what we do !

Why using the « active » method ?

While we are in action, different areas of our brain are activated, we focus on the activity and therefore it retains all our attention. Henceforth we do not have the impression to learn however we are more concentrated than usual.

We learn more easily when we remember in different ways

When you see the word, say it, hear it, do it… It makes more connections in our brain and it is the best way to keep elements in the long term memory.
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We learn better when we are in movement, when we communicate

that create a physical or emotional reaction. So, when you discuss, do an activity or when you discover a new place, you have a reaction and you learn easier.
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​​​​​​We retain longer and faster when we play games

Your brain retains what you said or you heard for longer periods of time because you have been active and you felt emotions.

Therefore, playing games, or participating in an activity stimulate more you brain than a classic lesson. 

Learning happens through actual hands-on experiences.

The more senses and emotions that are used, the greater our ability to learn from and remember an event or experience.

It is the first school of french where you learn by doing, in a friendly atmosphere (through games, cooking classes and treasure hunts in Paris). We want the best for our learners, thus we always meet in a real french apartment. And also that we buy the best local product at the food market for our cooking sessions.


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