You want to learn french with pleasure and...

You want to learn french with pleasure and conviviality but you are not available for the proposed dates and you would like to choose your date? We can adapt to your schedule.

Your time? you have only two hours during the day, we can organize a lesson just for you.

Your place? Very small kitchen, and you don't want to move, we can do a course just for you.

You want to have courses only with your friends? We can organize it.

You are a couple and want a special class : about french culture, about traditional wedding in France or just cooking together in french?
We adapt to your envy.

You have a subject (history, law, …), and want to learn vocabulary?
Just let us know, and we will propose something for you.

You dream to learn something special : art de la table, service à la française…?
We do it just for you.

Everything is possible, "à la carte", so tell us!
It will be a pleasure to meet you and keep you satisfied .