Expat partners are talented!

Since 15 years, I’m sure about this sentence:
Expat partners are talented.
And this sentence should be write on all expatriation contracts.
I’ve met so many expat spouses, in India, China, Malaysia, Mozambique, Vietnam…
and of course in Absolutely French, in Paris.
Me, I’ve no doubt.
But some of these incredible talents tend to forget it.
And companies don’t know it at all.
During all these years, I also realized that Talent marry Talent.
So as expats are talents, expat partners are too.

First career fair for expat spouses


Absolutely Talented took place for the first time:
Thursday 16th September 2021 in Paris, at Station F. ??‍♂️
It was a bet:
The first career fair dedicated only to expat spouses.
Because, expat partners are talented, they need to know it (most of them don’t know and loose confidence).
It was also to show to companies that expatriate spouses are talents and that this status is a real plus for their team.
100 people came
180 job offers
« expatriate spouse » = « talent »
The feedback from the companies present this day was from all of them: incredible talents!

One company todl us they have won 6 months in their recruitment process.

I believe the bet is won! ?

Next step : develop Absolutely Talented

And what about expat spouses?

They told me, that they were happy to find someone who speak for them.

They were pleased to be part of this new community.

Most of them used the word: « family ».

And I’m so glad that they’ve feeled this, because for me,

we are a family and we need each other to grow up.

I will continue to promote the talents that you are!

To do so, we are looking for volunteers to join the team (we are 10 at the moment),

and make things happen together.

I need you to continue promoting expat partners.

To join us and be invited to our next meeting, please register here (it’s never too late). ?


Thank you

Thank you all for your presence during Absolutely Talented:
– speakers
– expatriate spouses
– sponsors
– companies
This event was a success because of you!

A big thanks to my dream team who did an amazing job promoting this event everywhere.

Expat partners are Talented! ✅




Article written by Armelle Perben

Founder, Expatriate’s Spouse and Executive Director of Absolutely French


armelle perben-absolutely french- fondatrice

Armelle defends the double career in expatriation,

for the happiness of the expatriate,

and the career of the expatriates’ partners,

because they are also talents !