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How to find a job abroad?

find a job abroad - expatriation

So many follies committed in the name of Love! Let’s see…


Romeo and Juliet end up killing themselves; Bella becomes a vampire;
the little mermaid abandons her fishtail.

But this is nothing, there is worse. There’s you!

Yes, you!

Haven’t you just abandoned your parents, your friends, your job, to start a new life in a distant country?
All this to follow your partner or spouse, who has just taken up a new job abroad.

Ah! There you have it, the drama of your life: being an expat partner.

All right.

Let’s take a deep breath.
Maybe it isn’t that bad.

First of all, your story begins well.

After all, it’s a love story.


Besides, if you’re ready to blend in your positive mindset with a few organizational skills,
you could even turn your situation into a great opportunity or a new position.

Keen to try?

Don’t trust labels!

You may have heard of a very old, very powerful, and utterly invisible tribunal called the court of public opinion.

It judges quickly and carelessly.

Its favorite activity? Labeling people.
Maybe you’ve experienced it yourself.

Here’s what they say : the expat partner is the one whose career was sacrificeable.

Never, for example, will they say that you were the more devoted of the two, or the most accommodating…

Your favorite activities?
Nothing but cooking, shopping, cocooning…

They say you’re a shy, secluded, lost person, not interesting to find a job abroad.
You’re just part of the decor in the evenings at dinner parties and yawning the rest of the time.

And yet…

You know that’s all nonsense!

Don’t listen to others : they could break your spirit, ruin your self-confidence,
and they may even lead you to experience impostor’s syndrome.

Don’t listen and… prove them wrong!


Regaining your self-confidence
and find your dreamed job abroad

expatriation - find a job abroad


You have every reason to be proud of yourself!
Already, you have shown great flexibility towards your partner.

He or she should be grateful to have you…

But beyond your personal qualities, you possess the interpersonal skills
and competencies that companies look for.

Still in doubt?

Don’t forget that :
— You are definitely multilingual ; according to our surveys, you even speak at least three languages…
In France, this is a rare skill! In the Western world, the French are among the worst in foreign languages
– the majority leave school without even understanding English.

— Your stress tolerance is high. After all, you left your previous life, your habits,
and plunged into the unknown – what could be more stressful?

— If you have been following your partner for a few years, you have accumulated experience in job
abroad in several companies and many different countries.

You are comfortable in all contexts, and your understanding of multicultural environments
makes you a much sought-after element in the eyes of recruiters. You’ve got multicultural intelligence.

— You are adaptable because of your experiences in different country, you could ajust easily in a new job, and bring new ideas from abroad!
— You have a minimum of 4 years of higher education.

The situation is not that bleak, after all, is it?
To make the most of it, nothing could be easier…
Just write down a date in your diary : March 23rd 2021.

Find friends and find a job abroad!

At Absolutely Frenchwe know what expat partners are worth.

We work with them every day to help them integrate,
learn or perfect their French, and build their careers here in the Paris region.

That’s why we are organizing « Absolutely Talented » at Station F,
in the cozy, plant-filled space called « Amazonia Mezzanine ».

There, you will find about forty companies with job offers : they look forward to meeting you!


As soon as you register, we will also publish your profile on the website.


Finally, this event will be an opportunity to meet men and women who share your situation.
And more than that we are here to defend the way society see expat partners, and change it!

Expat parters are International Talents ready to work and find a job abroad here in Paris!

Joining our forces makes us stronger.


Keen and ready to begin?

Join us on March 23rd 2021, from 8:30 am to noon, at Station F !
To register, it’s open now
only 12 euros, to find your dreamed job!



Article writting by Armelle Perben
Absolutely French’s CEO

Armelle is defending the dual career in expatriation :
for the expat, and the expat partner,
because expat spouses are also international talents.

She trusts that we can change the vision of recruiters about spouses.



Absolutely French is the first French school ?? dedicated only to expat spouses.
Our main mission is to promote double career among expatriate couples.

With our fun, friendly and innovative French trainings, we guarantee you a better integration! ❤️

You want to learn with us?
You want to register an expat partner?

Contact us!
E-mail: contact@absolutely-french.eu
Tel: 01 83 73 98 49
Address: 4, rue Faraday 75017 Paris


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