Adopt an Expat Partner

Behind the expat, a forest of talents.

« And you, kid, what do you want to do when you grow up? »

Astronaut, singer, schoolteacher, instagramer…
When they answer, children are never short of ideas.

Their imagination is limitless.
Ok, maybe not entirely limitless.

Because they never answer:
« My dream is to become an expat spouse. »

And for a good reason….


Expat spouse : A question of image

adopt an expat partner- career fair for expat spouse
Expat partner, what an odd profession…

We usually don’t have a positive image of them, regardless of their gender[1].

They are often perceived as careerless persons, devoid of ambition.

After all, didn’t they quit their previous job to follow their partners?

Here she is now, in France, where she has no ties, no friends, and no project whatsoever.
She is probably spending her days idling in her apartment, going on shopping sprees,
baking cookies, or patiently waiting for her loved one to return home…

In the evening, she accompanies her husband to a cocktail party, a business dinner,
or a reception where she can finally embrace her role as a decorative vase.

Brr! What a scary portrait. Fortunately, it’s a fake. A load of rubbish. A complete fantasy.

Let’s tear up the veil to discover the reality behind it, shall we?


The expat partner, this exquisite being

At Absolutely French, we know expat partners well.

We have been working with them for the past five years.

We help them to get to know Paris better, build a network, improve their French,
and find a job that honors their diploma and experience.
Make no mistake: far from the commonly heard clichés, they are amazing people who have much to offer

Here’s a brief summary of everything we have learned about expat partners:

— They have a higher than average CQ. CQ?
That’s right, the (Multi-)Cultural Quotient. The importance of IQ (logical intelligence), EQ (emotional intelligence) is well documented.
Still, everything suggests that the 21st century will give even greater value to CQ[2].
At least that is what Professors Christopher Earley and Soon Ang suggest in the book they wrote on the subject.

— They have a higher stress tolerance: uncertainty does not frighten them!
Though we are familiar with France, for them, it is an unknown world.
They left their comfort zone, their country, and their friends to explore new grounds… Rather brave, aren’t they?

— They are determined and very organized.
Everyone who has experienced expatriation knows that nothing is more complicated
than often moving, sometimes with a family, to countries you don’t know.

— They are multilingual! On average, our surveys show that they speak at least three languages.

— These same surveys indicate a high level of education: at least 4 years of higher education.

Beyond their personal qualities, expat partners bring a breath of fresh air to companies.

They bring new ideas and new ways of working stemming from their different experiences abroad.
A « kiss-cool effect » that recruiters are increasingly looking for…


Adopt an expat partner!

You’re well aware of it: when it comes to expats, the common pitfall is to fail to see the forest for the trees.
Expat partners or spouses constitute a forest of talents, who are ready to work, and are already on the spot!

Moreover, at a time when talent shortage is reaching record levels,
and when 30% of companies claim to have difficulty recruiting,
expat partners form a pool that all CEOs should consider more intently.

Come and meet them!

Absolutely French is organizing « Absolutely Talented » at Station F, in the plant-filled,
colorful space called « Mezzanine Amazonia ».

About forty companies will attend the event, with job offers.
Seize this opportunity to meet expat partners, and maybe, who knows, to adopt one?

International Talents recruitment-jobfair-paris-stationf


Are you recruiting?

Your appointment to adopt an expat partner is scheduled
on November 17th, from 8:30 am to noon :
register now to keep your free stand (only for companies that recruit) !



Article writting by Armelle Perben
Absolutely French’s CEO

Armelle is defending the dual career in expatriation :
for the expat, and the expat partner,
because expat spouses are also international talents.

She trusts that we can change the vision of recruiters about spouses.



Absolutely French is the first French school ?? dedicated only to expat spouses.
Our main mission is to promote double career among expatriate couples.

With our fun, friendly and innovative French trainings, we guarantee you a better integration! ❤️

You want to learn with us?
You want to register an expat partner?

Contact us!
Tel: 01 83 73 98 49
Address: 4, rue Faraday 75017 Paris


[1] 90% of them are women.

[2] CQ is defined as the ability to adapt to new contexts,
and to interlocutors from diverse backgrounds.