Cultural differences when you travel abroad 

What about travel cultural differences?

What you should do or not in these countries?

Can you give us some advices about your country in comments?


Don’t drink your wine in one « glup ».

— Don’t talk or ask about money. 

Use the « vous » and not the « you ».

— Keep your ticket when you take public transport.



— Some states prohibit smoking and drinking alcohol in public places, such as California.

— Don’t forget to leave tips.

— When a purchase doesn’t fit, you can take almost anything back to the store…
and for VERY longer periods of time than you see in France.

— Don’t pass a yellow bus at the stop. 



— Don’t leave tips 

— It is forbidden to eat, drink and smoke in the street
and to blow your nose in public (you must go to the toilets).

— You must take off your shoes before entering a restaurant, temple or dwelling.

— Women are forbidden to touch a monk…

— Don’t touch a child’s head, it’s forbidden!



— The Chinese spit everywhere, even next to your feet. 

— Don’t give clock or umbrella as a present. 

— No privacy to do your needs : a lot of toilets are open in the front.

— Don’t forget your toilet paper, it’s not provided.

-– Be ready to pay for everything (toilets, parks…).

– Don’t put your bag on the floor.



— All the TV stations are private.

— Tips are generally included directly in the addition.

— In Brazil we move mainly by coach.

— We share the beer.

— Don’t drink tap water.


And you, how is it in your country?

What could you do or don’t?

What should we know? Give us your tips!